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Our platform changes the game!

When we say where innovative, we mean it! Our platform generates only the highest quality of leads which is why over 200 businesses choose us to bring them the money.

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A common question we receive is the location and legitimacy of our platform and leads we generate on behalf of our clients.

It's certainly a great question! All of our leads are funneled through our automated LEAD GENERATION system which only targets customers who are flagged as actionable LEADS. From here, one of our in-house LEAD EXPERTS reviews each and every LEAD and ensures the actuation of the lead is POSSIBLE, VALID and WORTH PURSUIT. Once the LEAD passes inspection, it is then filtered into our LEAD POOL where it is best categorized based on the potential industry in which a sale could be generated.

Our platform changes the game!

Pricing Plans

Due to the pricey acquisition of high-quality leads, our leads are valued according to the quantity. The more leads purchased correlates to the price of each individual lead.
25 Leads
/per month
$1/per lead
- 25 hand-chosen leads for your particular industry
100 Leads
/per month
$0.9/per lead
- 100 hand-chosen leads for your particular industry
300 Leads
/per month
$0.8/per lead
- 300 hand-chosen leads for your particular industry

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